Hi, my name is Giovanni Duarte or better known as Gio. I have over 15 years of experience working in K-12 and Higher education within the IT field. I have been blessed with good opportunities where I had the ability to teach, mentor, lead, and implement many technologies and applications.

This experience has given me a wide variety of knowledge and expertise that is mostly focused around the use and implementation of technology in our daily lives. I look at technology as an opportunity to improve our lives but more importantly, I make sure it meets the client’s needs so they don’t have to adapt to technology but technology adapts to them.

Now I am in a brand new path and I am planning on leveraging from what I have already done so far. So what is this new path? It is simple. It is a path of freedom and opportunities to live better.

You see, I have spent so far over 7 years just in higher education alone. Yet, I have a lot of debt and I am not as comfortable as I would like to be.  Although, I currently have a remote job and have flexibility with an University, I would like to have more flexibility and being able to pass time with my family.

I have found the company that can provide me that. Are you interested? Well, let’s talk and see how you can benefit from this great opportunity!

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