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Hi, my name is Giovanni Duarte or better known as Gio. I have over 15 years of experience working in K-12 and Higher education. I have been blessed with good opportunities where I have the ability to teach, mentor, lead, and implement many technologies and applications.

This experience has given me a wide variety of knowledge and expertise that is mostly focused around the use and implementation of technology in our daily lives. It can be as simple as the type of mobile phone you have, what kind of application you need to use for a certain project, the creation or a website or  memory (video/photo) to the delivery of a sermon through the web.

That is who I am. I look at technology as an opportunity to improve our lives but more importantly I make sure it meets your needs so you don’t have to adapt to technology but technology adapts to you.

If you are looking for someone who can listen and identify your needs, then provide solutions or alternatives, and finally provide exactly what you need, then that is me. I will be open to admit when I can’t provide what you need but more importantly I could provide guidance so you can succeed.


Education Technology

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Are you new to online education or looking for ways to engage your students and faculty? Technology is a great tool to support this and provide a better student and faculty experience when done right.

Personal Technologies

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You are not sure what phone to buy? How to get the best deal? Should I buy a laptop or desktop? What kind of printer is the best? That is what I call personal technologies. If you don't know what is best, I bet I can help.

Web Design, Photo, Video

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If you are looking for a clean design and a way to create your own website, then you are in the right place. What about a way to keep your memories? Then you are in the right place.