About Me


Who am I?

I am a technology nerd :). Yes, I just said it. I work in education and I manage a team of web and program developers. I enjoy implementing and helping others using technologies. I am creative and love doing things differently.

If you want to learn more about me, check my resume.


Why do I take photos and video?

I started taking hundreds of photos when my first girl was born. Trying to capture those moments became my passion. Suddenly, the family was asking me to take photos and help to keep those memories for them.

As I was taking photos, I realized that I needed to capture something more vivid. That got me started recording videos and spending hours just trying to make it perfect.


What gets me going?

Family, my girls, the beach, and technology! I have a new hobby with drone aerial videos so stay tuned for my next chapter.


Why should you consider me?

To put it simply, I enjoy doing this job. I am a professional and my solely goal is to help you keep the memories as you experienced them if not better.