Larkin Center (School for emotional disturbed/behavior disorder and mentally ill)

Education Technologist

  • Created, Developed and Supported education technology projects
  • Developed and implemented educational projects with students.
  • Assisted with computer educational software
  • Taught staff new technologies and generated new educational resources
  • Trained staff to utilize classroom and office computers
  • Elaborated training materials (manuals, PowerPoint presentations, websites)

Title 1 Reading/ Teacher Assistant

  • Diffused potentially violent situations in an educational environment
  • Translated for Spanish speaking parents
  • Operated the computer lab for Reading computer programs (network based)

Manager of Technology.

  • Defined needs, recommended, evaluated, and acquired technology (software/hardware)
  • Developed budget for the school’s technologies
  • Developed and integrated new technology
  • Managed and supervised technological projects
  • Installed software and troubleshot computer problems
  • Supported and managed the data information of the school’s departments
  • Developed and designed Larkin Center School’s Web Page (intranet)
  • Designed, created and supported MS Access Database for intervention and reading
  • Troubleshot 50 computers (Hardware, Software and Network )